The Children’s Liturgy takes place every Sunday for children from P1 to P4 at the 10 o’clock Mass.

At the start of Mass the children are invited by the Priest to go to the hall where they are welcomed and take part in their own liturgy.

The purpose of Children’s Liturgy is to help the children meet Jesus and really hear and understand His words.  We begin by lighting the candle at our altar, with our crucifix and bible, and the children remind us that the lit candle is a symbol of the presence of Jesus. Together we then make the sign of the cross.

The children reflect on their actions and experiences over the past week and are encouraged to think about times when things have gone wrong.   A positive approach is taken allowing the children to say sorry to God and make a fresh start at the beginning of each new week. A simple sorry song is sung by the children which completes the Penitential Rite.

When the children listen to God’s Word in the Gospel they are prompted to ask what Jesus is doing and saying. Through questioning and discussion, they are led to think about what Jesus is asking THEM to do – making the Gospel alive, personal and active.

Activities can follow where the children deepen their understanding of the theme of the Gospel.  It is a valuable time for the children to discuss what has been important in their week and give thanks to God.

The children often form the offertory procession and it is real privilege for those who are chosen to undertake this important task during the Mass.

The Children’s Liturgy is a vibrant part of our community. Our aim is to encourage our children to be active in their faith, asking what Jesus wants them to do – being supported by their family, friends, teachers and our parish community in living their lives as Jesus wants.  Taking part in Children’s Liturgy is a wonderful experience. We have 30-40 children every week and all children in Primary 1 to Primary 4 are most welcome to come along.