A recent meeting took place in St Bride’s Hall Motherwell on Saturday 7th January from 12-2pm. Over 40 people were present including a number of clergy. In our reflections, we followed the structure of Lectio Divina followed by a Spiritual Conversation. The text chosen for our lectio was Ephesians 1.3-8, 17-19.

The words chosen from the passage by the participants as meaningful to them indicate to a great extent the tenor and “feel” of the meeting:

Enlightenment, Power, Freedom, Purpose, Truth, Seal, Chosenness, Gift, Forgiveness, Faultless, Love, Wisdom, Holy People, Hope.

There was general agreement that the topics discussed in the DCS reflected well those we had discussed in the diocesan stage, most especially the importance of listening, welcoming, inclusivity. A real sense of identification with the global Church was evident.

There was a recognition, too, of the need for change, most especially in the relationship between the ordained and the laity. This means that synodality must be embraced by the whole Church. That there would be a tension between a hierarchical and synodal Church was accepted but it was hoped that this would be positive rather than negative.