Our Banner

In February this year 1983, Fr Donnelly discovered a large pole with something wrapped round it and covered by the old “black out” paper. On being opened, it was found to be a very mouldy banner, bearing the legend

St John the Baptist Uddingston

and below a figure of St. John the Baptist the words

League of the Cross

A conservative estimate after investigation put it that it had lain untouched for about forty years.

A parishioner had previously expressed an interest in making a banner for the cen-tenary. The old banner was shown to her, and it was suggested she might like to do something about it. The gold letters were unstitched and re-assembled.

All credit, and indeed the sincere thanks of the whole parish, is due to Mrs Barbara Chevallier for the many hours of work in which she involved herself to give a new life to a part of St. John’s early years.

It is in this way that centenaries are not merely occasions for looking back but also looking forward.