During the early 1960’s under Vatican II many changes were introduced into the Church.  Pastoral Councils have their roots in the Decree of the Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church, October 1965, para 27, which states that in every dioceses a special pastoral council be established, over which the Bishop presides and clergy, religious and laity participate.  The function of the Council is to investigate and consider matters relating to pastoral activity and to formulate practical conclusions concerning them.

Later in 1965, the Decree of the Apostolate of Lay People, recommended the establishment of Councils at a variety of levels including parish level to support the Church’s apostolate.

In 2007, a Parish Council in the form of a Pastoral Planning Team was convened under the auspices of the parish priest, Fr Towey.  The function of the team is to refer to teaching the word of God, leading worship, evangelizing, community building, maintaining parish facilities, and promoting the common good of society.

The Pastoral Planning Team (PPT) meet every 6-8 weeks to discuss and take action on a variety of issues.  The PPT have endeavoured to fulfil its functions in various ways by:

Refer to teaching the word of God:

  • Each PPT meeting starts and ends with prayer
  • Organising Spiritual Retreats and talks on topics such as “The Papacy”, “The Eucharist” and “Journeying with Jesus Every Day”. Guest speakers have included Father Michael Kane, Father Benny McHale, Mr Tony Hickey and the Irish priest Fr ?? Gallagher.
  • Organising Parish Missions given by the Redemptorist Fathers and St Patrick’s Community.

Leading worship:

  • Led worship of the Stations of the Cross when no priest was available
  • Eucharistic Adoration in parish homes


  • Establishing a Christmas Crib at Uddingston Cross
  • Planning the logistics to allow 660 parishioners to attend Holy Mass with Pope Benedict XVI on 16th September 2010 in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow
  • Planning the logistics and celebrations for Father Michael Kane’s Ordination Mass and Mass of Thanksgiving on 24th and 25th June 2011.
  • Planned and hosted a mass and celebrations for Monsignor Leo Cushley on the occasion of his Silver Jubilee to the priesthood.
  • Presentation of prayer cards to the Primary School children.

Community building:

  • Establishing a Book of Remembrance for deceased family and friends of our parish community.

Maintaining parish facilities:

  • Consider any major repairs to the fabric of the building e.g. new roof
  • New flooring on the altar
  • Alteration of the cry-chapel to the chapel of Adoration
  • Re-binding of liturgical books and parish records.

Promoting the common good of society:

  • Assist in the planning of an evening of sacred songs with the Irish singer, Diana.
  • Say anything about the flower displays at the entrance to the church????

The PPT is chaired by Fr Towey, assisted by Deacon Richard Haggerty and four lay members of the parish who are Mary Grant, Alan Brown, Hugh McVey and Kathleen Houston.

If you have any issue which you would like considered by the PPT please see the notice at the back of the church to contact a member of the Team.