The Art Class began in 2008 and has been going from strength to strength. The main focus of the class has always been to nurture creative talents in the community. In some cases, this this will mean uncovering talents left behind many years ago and for others, talents that had apparently never existed, that is, for those of us who could never ‘do’ art. As we meet during the day, the class is composed mostly of those who have retired or with spare time on their hands.

For those who are absolute beginners they embark on a programme of drawing, progressing from the simple to the more complex, whilst learning basic techniques and important rules along the way. Within a relatively short time, they are ready to paint.

Both drawing and painting in the class are a completely ‘can do’ experience. Like drawing, painting has a learning programme to be followed. Each member of the class will undertake to do three training paintings, comprising of five clear stages. After completing these, not only will they be confident in painting, but also they will be sufficiently confident to embark on work entirely of their own choosing.

The most common subject matter is landscape but some have painted still life and portraiture. After a short while, those who have never drawn or painted before will be framing their own work. Many within the current class and former members have shown their work in various exhibitions and some have sold their paintings or given them as gifts to others.

In the Art Class, all of us are always learning, wondering at God’s creation and always trying to improve on our artistic talents.