Dear brothers and sisters,

As you know, the Church in Scotland recently marked the annual Day for Life. This came as a timely opportunity for us all to rededicate ourselves to the Gospel of Life and to reflect on our own commitment to this vital cause. Soon after the Day for Life, I convened a meeting in the diocesan centre to begin discussions around re-energising our own prolife mission here in the diocese. I listened to those who contributed to a fruitful discussion about the provision of more spiritual and catechetical opportunities and more practical support to those who need our help, especially in the area of crisis pregnancy.

The Marriage and Family Life office is currently co-ordinating the next meeting of this Working Group which will take place on Thursday 10th August at 7pm in the Diocesan Centre. This meeting is open to everyone and anyone. The plan is to formalise a prolife mission for our diocese and to build upon the key priorities which the group identified. Broadly speaking, these are:

1. To setup parish prolife cells with a prayer and practical focus.

2. Establish a Monthly Diocesan Mass for Life which could be hosted in different parishes

3. Develop more school engagement, with learning and catechetical opportunities for young people around life issues

4. Increase opportunities for ongoing adult formation and catechesis through a series of talks or seminars on current prolife issues

5. Roll-out a diocesan-wide free baby-bank service for mothers & families

6. Promote our prolife mission and priorities online and through our other diocesan communications channels

As a diocesan community, we rely on the generosity of others in sharing their time and talents if we are to move forward in this important project. Please pray for the success of this renewed mission, and please consider coming along to the next meeting to offer your own valuable contribution.

Yours in Christ 

+ Joseph Toal